Advertising is only evil when it advertises evil things.

— David Ogilvy


designCraft Advertising is a full-service advertising agency in Madison, Wisconsin, focused on small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits. We work to restore the good name of advertising by creating effective ad materials and demonstrating strong return on investment.

Advertising at its finest is an educational tool meant to help consumers make wise and satisfying decisions. We work with clients who adhere to this standard and craft messaging from this premise. We move your brand forward while making the world a better place. Contact us to get started.


designCraft's team worked closely with us to prepare and execute a successful survey campaign. The marketing plan combined traditional media, earned media coverage, and a highly effective social media campaign, to create widespread awareness. They put boots on the ground when needed, arranging and attending meetings with key media, and helping us network at strategic events. They built an innovative and easy-to-use survey website which generated nearly 9,200 survey completions. CARPC earned a 2019 Planning Excellence award from the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Planning Association for the survey and scenario planning model.

-Steve Steinhoff, Agency Director
Capital Area Regional Planning Commission

photo of designCraft Advertising building exterior
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