April 1 2020

SECURE: Suitable Emoji for Communicatory Use in a Respiratory Epidemic. Safe for use: peace sign, mask, house, music notes, blowing nose, biking, smile, person with laptop, books, walking dog. Not safe for use: airplane, face with hand over mouth, shaking hands, haircut, scratching chin, wrestling, massage, facepalm, beach. Recommended: tree, cheese, dog, hearts, doctor, cat with heart eyes, recycle, text messaging, avocado. Never Use (under any circumstances): zombie, alien spaceship, clown, alien, devil, bomb, biohazard symbol, lying face, cigarette, crying cat. Stay SECURE. This message brought to you by designCraft Advertising. Emoji by OpenMoji. We dedicate this April Fools’ Day entry to the people on the frontline of this pandemic. Thank you to those providing food, utilities, and essential services. Much love to everyone working in healthcare.