It's a common complaint that standard streaming services just don't include enough commercials. That's why we're so thrilled to announce the latest offering from designCraft Advertising:

Adflix logo

Adflix makes every day like Super Bowl Sunday, except without any boring football to interrupt the ads. Stream your favorite commercials on demand, anywhere in the world, with any internet-connected device.* It's as simple as signing in to your Adflix account, choosing from our extensive collection, and pressing play to engulf yourself in the occasionally annoying but always enticing world of advertising hype.

Adflix [styled to look like Netflix home screen.][Featured ad:] Cute Anthropomorphized Organs. [Image: upset cartoon stomach with tears and pouty face.] Your medical condition isn't nearly as embarrassing when it's this cute. Soak up these snuggly stomachs, lovable livers, and more. [Ad category:] New Pharmaceuticals [Ad titles:] Cute Anthropomorphized Organs, Didn't Know THAT Could Be A Side Effect [Image: Sick bewildered goofy man with tissue in nose, holding pills and reading a long drug insert], Don't Take If You… [People jumping joyfully on beach alongside a huge blurb of fine print.] [Ad category:] Luxury Vehicles as Gifts [Ad titles:] I'm So Glad We Didn't Discuss this Purchase![Image: Woman looking at man with surprise in front of a new car with a large bow on it in a dealership], Biggest Bows [Image: Black car with an impossibly large red bow on it], One for You and One for Me [Image: Dreamy sepia image of two new cars next to each other]. [Ad category:] Hapless Homemakers [Ad titles:] Oh No, A Spill! [Image: woman screaming against bright turquoise background], Sanitize Everything [Black and white image of disturbed woman scrubbing floor], Nothing Else Works [Image: Closeup of gloved hands spraying cleaner on counter]. [Ad category:] Boys' Club [Ad titles:] Brogurt [Image: Fierce man holding a spoonful of yogurt against an industrial metal background with a black yogurt container], Scented Candles For Men [Image: Man in the shadows looking down at a lit candle], Tough Guy TV Dinners [Image: Man putting a tv dinner into a microwave.]

For one low monthly subscription of $50 (let's be honest, the price isn't that bad when you know you'll be sharing your username and password with dozens of your closest friends and family), you'll have access to decades of your favorite 30- and 60-second spots.

Our vast library of commercials allows you to revisit classics like toy commercials from the '80s, the thrilling world of household cleaning products, and aspirational luxury automobile promotions that just might have you spending beyond your means. Plus, you'll always have access to the very latest ads including budding favorites from the pharmaceutical world, weird and often pointlessly story-driven insurance spots, as well as commercials attuned to those who are insecure about living up to society's impossible ideals of both femininity and masculinity. Learn more about our incredible programming on designCraft's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Additionally, our advanced targeting algorithm inserts additional spots corresponding to your tastes so you never miss out on the perfect product or service, even as you're indulging your guilty pleasure favorites or our immensely popular collection of foreign-language perfume ads. Ad-in-ad technology allows us to serve users sidebar, banner, pop-up, and QR ads on top of your streaming selections for an inescapable and truly immersive promotional experience that exponentially enhances the value of this subscription-based ad service.

Become an Adflix charter member and we'll throw in six months of all your favorite junk mail at no extra charge.

*Yes, you can even catch up on obscure cereal prize commercials from the convenience of your Apple Watch – presented in true 1.3:1 aspect ratio as the advertisers originally intended.

The designCraft team is here to support your advertising needs on April Fools' Day and every day.