Advertising with a Conscience

Here at designCraft we aim to restore the good name of advertising. We live by the following Specifications of Conscience™:

  • We pledge to provide effective, full-spectrum advertising and promotional services.
  • We help craft a budget framework and maximize the impact of clients’ advertising dollars.
  • We plan ad campaigns to use resources wisely, reach diverse communities, and encourage efficient green marketing.
  • We support and participate in community organizations, and are active members of Dane Buy Local, NARI, GMCC, Latino Chamber of Commerce, Ad Fed, and Design Madison.
  • We promote products and services that produce long-term benefits for consumers and the community.
  • Ads are conscientiously created to present information so the consumer can make wise and satisfying choices.
  • Media suggestions include independent and minority-run publications, public broadcasting, and sponsorship of local arts and non-profit organizations.
  • Employees get fair compensation, benefits, sick leave, and flexible family leave.
  • We are committed to creating ad campaigns that are socially just.
  • Equipment and resources within the office are conserved and recycled, and our office was remodeled with reused and sustainable materials.
  • The office on Park Street was chosen for its central location, which allows staff to walk, bike, and bus to work on a regular basis.
  • We purchase 100% clean energy through the MGE Green Power Tomorrow program.
  • We are members of the Mpower Madison program, and were selected for the Mpower ChaMpions’ charter year.
  • designCraft received the In Business Sustainability Award for Eco-Efficiency Initiatives in 2010.
  • designCraft participates in the Sustainable Business Network.
  • In 2015 designCraft was named a Green Professional by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s Green Masters Program.

Locally focused since 1985

designCraft sprouted when Yvette arrived in Madison in the mid-eighties. With a background as a corporate copywriter and a passion for small business, she started assembling creative teams to give small firms a bigger voice. As local ad needs increased, designCraft grew into our permanent home in a curvy-cool building on Park Street. Here we have room for ping pong, and for combining our talents, skills and experience to provide design and advertising services to all firms local.


Here's the one project we never complete. designCraft joined the Mpower ChaMpions' charter year, earned an In Business Sustainability Award, and is a Green Professional in the Green Masters Program. We ride bikes and buses, light our office with sunlight, and purchase 100% clean energy through the Green Power Tomorrow program. Many of our for-profit and non-profit clients share our passion. We're always learning and forever green!

We bike, carpool, walk and ride the Madison Metro to get to & from work.

Some Math

  • Those of us who commute live an average of 4.16 miles from dCA
  • Burning one gallon of gas in your car creates 20 lbs of CO2
  • From January through June 2017, our team spared the planet just over a half-ton of CO2. That's about as much as one Farley's House of Pianos grand piano.
  • From April through June of 2016, we saved 285 lbs of CO2. From January through July of 2015, we saved 246 lbs. From July through December of 2014, we saved 353 lbs.

Recent Awards and Honors


Winner of a NARI Ace Award


Silver ADDY

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  • Glass Interior sign
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  • Stationery package

Silver ADDY

  • "Home Cravings" Label

Our Team

Yvette Jones

President/Creative Director

Mike Zydowicz

Marketing Manager

Andy White

Director of Technology

Lisa Lombardo

Senior Designer

Jordan Jerabek

Social Media Specialist

Stacy Harbaugh

Social Media & Community Specialist

Joe Windeknecht

Senior Graphic Designer

Sue Cowan


April First Projects

Since 2015 the designCraft team has introduced a significant new offering on April 1. While the projects may prank you initially, don’t be fooled. They leverage our core capabilities, cause a paradigm shift in clients' processes, and create synergy among stakeholders. Or maybe they're just plain fun! Take a look.


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